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News and Announcements

### Pathing Stuff


Been doing some cool stuff with logging player locations and displaying them like such.

### Effects Manager

Been working on an external utility that adds a bunch of camera/world controls to the game, meant for cinematic purposes.


### CMods Launch!


Version 2.0 of my Mod Manager is officially released! Go check it out [here](


Auto-Parsed from [Github](

Hooks dispatchmessage, looks for fairfight related messages and displays them. Use the fb-notify plugin for the in-game notification, otherwise they'll just log to console.




Auto-Parsed from [Github](


DLL for Star Wars Battlefront 2 that enables Discord's Rich Presence in the
game. Reads a bunch of pointers, extensively parses the data (for proper
text, images, ect), then pipes that info over to discord to pick up.

Discord RPC lib is now staticly linked, so you can just inject without
needing the other dll.


Auto-Parsed from [Github](


Rather quick project, uses new techiques combined with old techniques. The standard engine outlines are easily enabled, and very helpful. However, their brightness is rather low, so by hooking a function we can fix that. I present full RGB control over cham colors, previously labeled as impossible.

Okay I also added a thing to support changing colors in BF1 as well, albeit the player's chams won't be activated by default.

Hero Blast

This mod for SWBF 2015 enabled the "Hero Blast" gamemode. With the Hero
Blast mod, you could host a private match, and any of your friends could
join you, **without needed the mod themselves**. This brought Dangercat
and I to create a server to host a database of all Hero Blast hosts.

## How to play Hero Blast

You can either download the mod tool yourself, then host a match.
Alternatively, you can simply view the current list of hosts.
Just click the button next to their name to view their account in Origin.
Add them as a friend, and ask them to invite you to their game. No modding
required on your end.

[View Hosts](

### Using the Mod Files

If you wish to host, using the mod files is easier than ever.
The launcher uses an auto-updater, so your mod files are always up to date.
Simply start the executable, and it'll do the initial configuration.
With the game not running, click the start button. It'll prompt you
to select the game's exe file, do so. The mod is only active when you launch
the game through the manager.


Keep the Hero Blast launcher running with the game. This sends your username
to the server browser, allowing others to play.


Traffic Map


Need to contact me for whatever reason? You can reach me via Email or Discord.



Leaving Feedback would be greatly appreciated.